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 Farming Guide

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Doc Angelina

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PostSubject: Farming Guide    Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:50 am

.........And the tribe's greatest farmer taught the young men the importance of farming well, and of the times of the calendar that seeds would grow best, and of the changes in the clouds that showed how crops would grow, and of growing certain crops together to prevent the sprouting crops from being consumed by the birds, and by the pests of the land. And when it came for the crops to be harvested, all were awed by the height of the child's grain, and the succulence of his fruits, and the elders saw that this was a good omen for the village. ( The Legend of Arrav Pt. 1 )

Farming Guide

Getting Started

To start Farming you will need to find a Farming patch.There are different types of patches around runescape where you can grow different things. When you arrive at a patch for the first time it will be overgrown with weeds. You will need to clear these weeds with a rake. You'll then want to treat the soil with compost (bought from the farmer,a farming shop, or you can make your own). In most cases, you'll then use a seed on the farming patch, while having a seed dibber in your inventory, to plant it. Use a watering can on the new plant so it will start growing. Take care to note that your plants can get diseased and die if left alone.

If your plant gets diseased you will have to use a plant cure potion on the plant. This can be bought from any farmer that is close to most farming patches for 25 coins. You can tell those farmers apart from the attackable ones by their unique names. You can also buy these Plant Cure Potions at any farming shop for 40 coins. If you don't use the Plant Cure Potion on your plant in time it will die and you'll have to clear out your patch with a spade in your inventory.

Farming Equipment

Before you can start Farming you will need to get some farming tools. These can all be bought in the Farming Shops located close to all allotment patches. They are relatively inexpensive at around a few gp each. Some of them can also be found at various respawning points, such as the shed in Lumbridge swamps. Here is a list of all the farming tools:

Used to harvest crops, dead plants, plant roots and bushes. Also, to harvest trees and herbs.

Seed dibber
Used to plant seeds

Gardening trowel
Used for planting tree seeds in pots

Needed to cut away diseased branches from bushes and trees
Watering can
Used to water all your crops, herbs, and trees
Used to clear weeds from patches

Plant Pot
Used to plant tree seeds

Used to store up to 5 fruits
Used to store up to 10 vegetables (potatoes, onions and cabbage only).

Gardening Boots
Dropped only by Farmers. Some boots for decorative purposes only.
Plant Cure
Used to cure your plants and herbs if they get dieseased

Additional Tools:

Magic Secateurs
A reward for completing Fariy Tale Part 1 Quest. You will given a pair of magic secateurs. If you equip these while harvesting, they will increase the number of vegetables, herbs or hops harvested by 10%. Also, if you wish to fight the tanglefoot monsters, the secateurs are the only effective weapon. The damage you inflict with the secateurs is based on your Farming skill
Magic Watering can
A reward from Fairytale Part 3 Quest. You will be given a magic watering can which never has to be refilled. Also, if you speak with Martin the Master Gardener after this quest, the other gardeners will offer to keep your allotment patches weeded for you, should you wish.
Amulet of Nature
The amulet of Farming will allow you to track the growth progress of a Farming patch that it has been attuned to - they can only be attuned to allotments or flower patches. Also, any amulets of Farming that you own can only be attuned to one patch at a time. You can, however, always reattune your amulets of Farming to a different patch. Amulets of Farming cannot be made by players, only bought in Farming shops or from other players. You can own more than one amulet of Farming at a time.

At each farming patch, you can find a leprechaun nearby. This leprechaun will offer to hold your tools, buckets, and compost in his magical tool shed. He will also note any farming produce from allotments, as well as flowers, herbs, and fruit from trees, even if you can't yet grow the items at your farming level. This includes anything that you can farm (except logs), even if you did not harvest the items yourself. However, the leprachaun at falador patch will not note cabbage due to cabbage field nearby. When you talk to the leprechaun, his tool shed storage screen will come up. It shows what items you can store, how many of each item are in the toolshed at the moment, and the maximum number of the items that the tool shed will hold.

Getting Seeds

You can get your seeds from various places. You can collect seeds by thieving from Master Farmers or from the Seed stalls. The Seed stalls do not yield herb seeds, while the Master Farmers do. Some monsters drop seeds. You can also purchase seeds from other players.

You can get tree seeds from a bird's nest. Bird's nests are randomly dropped from trees while you are woodcutting. Also, bird's nests can be obtained from Miscellania Kingdom. If you search a bird's nest, there is a chance you will find a tree seed, a ring, a fruit tree seed or a bird egg. You may also like Killing the Giant Mole who will give you mole skin and claws, in which you can trade to Wyson the Gardener in Falador park in exchange for 1 bird's nest per mole item you turn in.

Allotment, Flower, and Herb Patches

North of Catherby Bank
You can Teleport to Camelot and walk east, or use the Lunar Catherby teleport. There is also a farming shop east of the patch. Where you can buy any items you might need.
South of Falador You can Teleport to cabbage patch using the Explorer's ring (3) and head north
through the gate or to Draynor with an Amulet of glory, and go
north-west through the cabbage patch. There is also a Farming shop to the west. Just jump over stile and head a little south.
North-west of Port PhasmatysUse your ectophial and go west past the undead farm or use the fairy ring teleport (ALQ) and head north. If you havent done quest, you can walk to this location. But I would suggest doing quest before doing this route. To save you time. There is also a farm shop to the east of the patch. Note: you need a ghostspeak amulet to use this shop.
North of ArdougneBest route is Ardougne teleport, go through the northern gate past the farms and then east. You can also use Ardougne Cloak Teleport. Which is obtained by completing Achievement Diary.
Troll Stronghold (Herb Only)This patch can be accessed using the Trollheim Teleport and running from the top of the hill to the stronghold. This patch becomes available after you finish My Arm's Big Adventure Quest
Also, this patch will never become dieseased. Great for planting high levels seeds without worry of them dying.
Harmony Island
(1 Allotment patch Only)
You can use this patch after completeing The Great Brain Robbery Quest. I did not find this patch useful. It was to far and to much trouble to get to
Limpwurt Patch Only
This is available after Spirit of Summer Quest. I also found this patch to be useless and now with recent updates. It's a high Risk area due to Pker's. It's located in level 22 wildy.
Below is a list of everything you can plant in allotment patches. I've included time for growth, farm level to plant, and xp for planting and picking. This is a rough guideline for you to follow. Times can vary if your patch becomes dieseased. Also, you require 3 seeds per patch when planting.

Lvl 140 mins8 xp for planting
9 xp ea for picking
Lvl 540 mins9.5 xp for planting10.5 xp ea for picking
Lvl 735 mins10 xp for planting11.5 xp ea for picking
Lvl 1240 mins12.5 xp for planting14 xp ea for picking
Lvl 2055 mins17 xp for planting19 xp ea for picking
Lvl 3155 mins26 xp for planting29 xp ea for picking
Lvl 4775 mins48.5 xp for planting54.5 xp ea for picking
If you are unable to care for patches yourself. You can pay the farmers at each allotment to take care of them for you. This does not apply to herb patches unfortunately. Below is the list of items you must pay the farmers to look after your crops:

2 Buckets of compost
1 Sack of potatoes
1 Sack of onions
2 Sacks of cabbages
10 Jute fibres
1 Basket of apples
10 Curry leafs
Flowers and Scarecrows

Used to protect sweetcorn from getting eaten by birds. To make a
scarecrow,Use a empty sack on a straw bale ( you can find a straw bale
north of ardougne). Then use the hay sack on a bronze spear. ( you can
get this by killing goblins in lumbridge or purchase from G.E.) Then use
a watermelon on the bronze spear and hay sack as a head. Plant in a
flower patch for 25xp and when your done you can place in Toolshed for
later use. You can place up to 4 scarecrows in your toolshed

Its not required that you pick your flowers once they are grown. if you plan on planting the same seeds on your next farm run. You can let them there to protect your next harvest. With the exception of limpwurt and woad of course. You only require 1 seed when planting flowers.

Lvl 217.5 mins
8.5 XP for planting
47 XP for picking
Protects onions, tomatoes and potatoes
Lvl 1117.5 mins12 XP for planting
66.5 XP for picking Protects cabbage
NasturtiumLvl 2417.5 mins19.5 XP for planting111 XP for picking Protects watermelon
WoadLvl 2517.5 mins20.5 XP for planting115.5 XP for pickingGive two Woad leaves and 5gp to Aggie in Draynor village to get blue dye.
LimpwurtLvl 2617.5 mins21.5 XP for planting120 XP for pickingLimpwurt Roots can be used in various herblore pots. I mainly used to make Super strength.
White lilyLvl 52120 mins50 XP for planting250 XP for pickingProtects all fruits and vegetables. Seeds can be obtained while wielding a Falador 3 Shield ( Achievement Diary Reward ) from Wyson when trading in mole skins. Mole skins are obtained from killing Giant Mole. Also, turns to ashes when picked.

Herbs play a major part in your goal for 99. It also goes hand in hand with herblore skill. Herbs cannot be protected in any way or be looked after by the farmer. With the exception of Troll Stronghold patch which is diesease free. If they get dieseased, use a plant potion on them or of you didnt make it in time. Simply use a spade and replant. Herbs also do not require watering. Also, when you harvest your herbs they will be grimy and you will require the appropriate herb level to clean them. Below are all herbs and approx times of growth. I've also added the xp for planting and picking.

Lvl 975 mins11 xp for planting12.5 xp ea for picking
MarrentillLvl 1475 mins13.5 xp for planting15 xp ea for picking
TarrominLvl 1975 mins16 xp for planting18 xp ea for picking
HarralanderLvl 2675 mins21.5 xp for planting24 xp ea for picking
GoutweedLvl 2975 mins105 xp for planting45 xp ea for picking
RanarrLvl 3275 mins27 xp for planting30.5 xp ea for picking
Spirit WeedLvl 3675 mins32 xp for planting36 xp ea for picking
ToadflaxLvl 3875 mins34 xp for planting38.5 xp ea for picking
IritLvl 4475 mins43 xp for planting48.5 xp ea for picking
WergaliLvl 4675 mins52.8 xp for planting51.5 xp ea for picking
AvantoeLvl 5075 mins54.5 xp for planting61.5 xp ea for picking
KwuarmLvl 5675 mins69 xp for planting78 xp ea for picking
SnapdragonLvl 6275 mins87.5 xp for planting98.5 xp ea for picking
CadantineLvl 6775 mins106.5 xp for planting120 xp ea for picking
LantadymeLvl 7375 mins134.5 xp for planting151.5 xp ea for picking
Dwarf WeedLvl 7975 mins170.5 xp for planting192 xp ea for picking
TorstolLvl 8575 mins199.5 xp for planting
224.5 xp ea for picking
I've also add a table below for cleaning your grimy herbs. If you really want your herbs cleaned but are not a high enough level you can have Zuhur in Nardah clean them for you at a cost of 200gp each.

lvl 3 herblore to clean

lvl 5 herblore to clean

lvl 11 herblore to clean

lvl 20 herblore to clean

Requires Two Bai Cleanup Mini game

lvl 25 herblore to clean

Spirit Weed
lvl 30 herblore to clean

lvl 35 herblore to clean

lvl 40 herblore to clean

lvl 41 herblore to clean

lvl 48 herblore to clean

lvl 54 herblore to clean

lvl 59 herblore to clean

lvl 65 herblore to clean

lvl 67 herblore to clean

Dwarf Weed
lvl 70 herblore to clean

lvl 75 herblore to clean
Trees and Fruit Trees

You will need a trowel to plant your seeds in plant pots. Plant pots can be purchased from any farm shop. After planting your tree or fruit tree seed. Simply water and wait for your sapling to sprout. Trees do not need to be watered but if they become dieseased. You will need to use your secateurs on it. After your tree or fruit tree has grown. You can check its health then harvest, chop and remove for your next planting. You will also obtain roots when removing your trees which can be used for various things. ( Spinning, Summoning, Herblore or Super Compost) If your feeling lazy and dont want to chop your trees. You can pay the farmer by the patch to do it for you for 200gp. Also, keep in mind that if you choose to pay. you will not obtain roots.

Below is the location of all tree and fruit tree patches:

Fruit Tree Patch
East of Catherby
Teleport Camelot
and run south to Catherby
Tree patch
Falador Park
Teleport to Falador and walk west
Fruit Tree Patch
West of Tree Gnome maze
Use Spirit Tree to teleport to village and follow eknoy or walk from Ardrougne
Tree Patch
Teleport Falador and walk North-east
Fruit Tree Patch
North-west of Brimhaven
You can take a boat from Catherby or Ardrougne. If you plant a spirit tree. you can use this teleport option also.
Tree patch
Varrock Castle
Varrock Teleport
Fruit Tree Patch
North of Gnome Agility Course
Teleport using Spirit Tree or you can use the glider from AlKharid.
Tree Patch
Lumbridge Teleport then walk east behind castle by rats
Fruit Tree Patch
South-east corner of Lletya
Just West of Teleport Crystal arrival Spot. You must have completed Mourning's Ends Part 1 quest to access this area.
Tree Patch
Gnome Stronghold
Spirit tree teleport or you can use glider in Al Kharid

Here is a list of all trees and fruit trees, levels and XP. These are approximate growth times, since they depend on whether a tree suffers from disease
during its time in the ground, even when watched by farmers. I've also added a list of farming products you have to pay to let the farmer watch your crops. ( Farmers take noted items if your worried about inventory space)

Lvl 15
140 mins
14 xp for planting
463.7 XP for checking health
Lvl 30
220 mins
25 xp for planting1,456.3 XP for checking health
Lvl 45
300 mins
45 xp for planting3,403.4 XP for checking health
Lvl 60
380 mins
81 xp for planting7,609.9 XP for checking health
Lvl 75
460 mins
145 xp for planting13,768.5 XP for checking health
Oak Trees
1 basket of tomatoes
Willow Trees
1 basket of apples
Maple Trees
1 basket of oranges
Yew Trees
10 cactus spines
Magic Trees
25 coconuts
Apple Trees
Lvl 27
14.6 hours
22 xp fpr planting1,199.5 xp fpr checking health
8.5 xp for each fruit picked
Banana Trees
Lvl 33
14.6 hours28 xp for planting1,750.5 xp fpr checking health10.5 xp for each fruit picked
Orange Trees
Lvl 39
14.6 hours35 xp fpr planting2,470 xp fpr checking health13.5 xp for each fruit picked
Curry Trees
Lvl 42
14.6 hours40 xp fpr planting
2,907 xp fpr checking health15 xp for each fruit picked
Pineapple Trees
Lvl 51
14.6 hours57 xp fpr planting4,605.7 xp fpr checking health21.5 xp for each fruit picked
Papaya Trees
Lvl 57
14.6 hours72 xp fpr planting6,146.4 xp fpr checking health27 xp for each fruit picked
Palm Trees
Lvl 68
14.6 hours110.5 xp fpr planting10,150.1 xp fpr checking health41.5 xp for each fruit picked
Apple Tree
9 raw sweetcorn
Banana Tree
4 baskets of apples
Orange Tree
3 baskets of strawberries
Curry Tree
5 baskets of bananas
Pineapple Tree
10 watermelon
Papaya Tree
10 pineapples
Palm Tree
15 papaya

In my goal for 99 farm. I tried a hops run twice in that whole time. As I felt that it was more a waste of time for the hassle of the run. For such a little amount of xp. I will give a breif overview since you use hops for brewing ales (except jute). Also, you require wildblood hops( a payment to farmer) if you plan on doing Jade Vine. Below are the locations , seeds, and approximate growing times.

McGruber's Wood North of Seers village
North of Lumbridge Farms
Barleylvl 3
35 mins
3 buckets of compost to have looked after by farmer
Hammerstonelvl 4
35 mins
1 marigold to have looked after by farmer
Asgarnianlvl 8
45 mins
1 sack of onions to have looked after by farmer
Jutelvl 13
45 mins
6 barley malt (made by using barley on a range) to have looked after by farmer
Yanillianlvl 16
55 mins
1 basket of tomatoes to have looked after by farmer
Krandorianlvl 21
65 mins
3 sacks of cabbage to have looked after by farmer
Wildbloodlvl 28
75 mins
1 nasturtium to have looked after by farmer

There are four locations in which you can plant these. They don't require to be watered but can get dieseased (except poison ivy). Below are the locations of the patches:

South Of Ardrougne
South-west Etceteria West of Champions' Guild
Here is a list of all seeds including growing times , levels required and xp. Ive also added payment required to have looked after by a farmer :

lvl 10
90 mins11.5 XP for planting64 XP for checking health4 XP for picking4 sacks of cabbage
Cadavaberrieslvl 22
110 mins18 XP for planting104.5 XP for checking health7 XP for picking3 baskets of tomatoes
lvl 36
130 mins31.5 XP for planting177.5 XP for checking health12 XP for picking3 baskets of strawberries
lvl 48
150 mins50.5 XP for planting284.5 XP for checking health19 XP for picking6 watermelon
lvl 59
150 mins78 XP for planting437 XP for checking health29 XP for picking8 mushrooms
Poison ivy Berries
lvl 70
150 mins120 XP for planting674 XP for checking health45 XP for pickingDo not require since they are already poisonous
Special Patches

Specials become available after you have reached level 42 farming and higher. Below are the locations and some additional information regarding them. Please note that for most of your specials. They cannot be looked after by a farmer. They can become dieseased and die.

Spirit tree
South-east Etceteria
lvl 83
3680 mins19,301.8 xp for checking health
Spirit Trees require Monkey Madness quest in order to plant. Also,after completing The Prisoner of Glorphire quest and with a Farming level of 86 or above, two Spirit Trees can be planted at the same time in different patches. Also, you can pay a farmer 5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, 1 ground suqah tooth to have it looked after.

Spirit tree
West of Draynor
(east of Port Sarim)
lvl 83
3680 mins19,301.8 xp for checking healthSpirit Trees require Monkey Madness quest in order to plant. Also,after completing The Prisoner of Glorphire and with a Farming level of 86 or above, two Spirit Trees can be planted at the same time in different patches. Also, you can pay a farmer 5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, 1 ground suqah tooth to have it looked after.
Spirit tree
North-east of Brimhaven

lvl 83
3680 mins19,301.8 xp for checking healthSpirit Trees require Monkey Madness quest in order to plant. Also, after completing The Prisoner of Glorphire and with a Farming level of 86 or above, two Spirit Trees can be planted at the same time in different patches. Also, you can pay a farmer 5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, 1 ground suqah tooth to have it looked after
lvl 55
550 mins
374 xp for checking health
The cactus produces cactus spines which can be used for payment for your yew trees. You can also use Ring of Dueling and teleport to Duel Arena for easy access to this patch.

Jade Vine
lvl 53
1200 mins
1500 xp for checking health
The Jade Vine can only be grown after the completion of the Back to my Roots
quest. You are able to prune the vine, gaining 30 XP per branch cut.
Should you allow the vine to grow wild, it can be killed to obtain 2500
slayer XP. Also, you can pay a farmer 10 wildblood hops to have it looked after.

Draynor Mansion
lvl 63
280 mins
512 xp for picking
U can use Falador Ring (Achievement Diary reward) to teleport to cabbage patch and walk north or Amulet of Glory teleport to Draynor village and walk from there.

Bittercap Mushrooms
West of Canifis
lvl 53
220 mins
57.6 xp for picking
I find that these become dieseased often. You can use the fairy ring teleport (CKS) or ancient magicks teleport to Kharyll, then head west from Canifis.
Calquat Tree
North of Tai Bwo Wannai
lvl 72
1200 mins
12,096 xp for checking health
Can pay farmer 8 poison berries to have hom look after it for you. It also produces nightshade which can be used in herblore. Its untradeable and can only be obtained if you grow it.

Evil Turnip
Draynor Mansion
North of belladona patch
lvl 42
5 mins
46 xp for picking
Just north of Belladona patch.

Quests that provide farming expierence:

  • Perils of Ice Mountain (5000 farming xp)
  • Swept Away (100-9900 farming xp)
  • Gunnars Ground (200 farming xp)
  • Myths of White Lands (500 farming xp)
  • Meeting History ( 500-2500 farming xp)
  • Saving Goblin Generels (100 farm xp)
  • Spirit of Summer (200 farming xp)
  • Darkness of Hallowale (2000-6000 farming xp)
  • A Fairytale Pt. 2 (2500 xp lamp)
  • Legacy of Seergaze (2500-7500 farming xp)
  • A fairytale Pt.3 ( 11000 farming xp)
  • Back to my Roots ( 24000 farming xp)

Scroll of Life

The scroll of life can be purchased from the rewards trader of
Daemonheim with dungeoneering tokens. Once used, the scroll will
disappear, giving you the following permanent effects:

  • When harvesting a non-tree farming patch, there is a 10% chance that you
    will regain a number of seeds equal to the number you originally
  • When digging up a fruit tree or normal tree patch, there is a 5% chance that you will regain the seed you originally planted
  • You also gain the chance of regaining seeds once you have finished harvesting a plant

The Herblore Habitat

By practising your herblore in the Herblore Habitat, you might be able to make yourself a juju farming potion. This concoction, when drunk, gives you a one in three chance of picking twice the number of herbs whenever you harvest from a herb patch. Each dose lasts for 5 minutes.

Tips and Tricks

  • it is recommended to use supercompost for all crops except trees and
    fruit trees. It will increase your harvests and have less chance of your crops and herbs becoming dieseased.
  • Plan your travel routine to avoid less bank stops. The more efficent your travel routine. the more time you have in-between to do something else.
  • If you notice that more than one of your herbs have become dieseased on your farm run. Change to a differnet seed. You will get less death.
  • Always replant your bushes. Check health XP is much better than picking
    XP. But don't dig up bushes unless you're replanting them. Picking XP is
    better than nothing.
  • Be aware of the farming cycle. Every 5 mins your allotments and herbs "tick" to the next stage. Your trees and fruit trees have a longer cycle. If they become dieseased during this stage and are not treated. They will die on the next "tick".
  • Wearing Faldaor Shield 2 or falador Shield 3 while harvesting at patches south of falador. you will gain 10% more xp.
  • If you're fighting monsters that drop grimy herbs or crops and you are
    near a farming spot with a leprechaun, you can note the items to save
    space in your inventory

Good Luck and Happy Farming !!
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Lewin S141

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PostSubject: Re: Farming Guide    Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:41 am

Great guide, gonna have to start putting it to some use. Will be a great help for me as I'm a complete newb when it comes to farming on Rs... Not irl though.. it's my job to grow stuff. lol

Mod Peta
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Lewin S141

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PostSubject: Re: Farming Guide    Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:26 pm

I'm putting this Guide to proper use now. I've consulted it about 90 times in the last two days for farming advice. Great Guide.

Mod Peta
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PostSubject: Re: Farming Guide    Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:01 am

Thanks for taking the time to do this ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Farming Guide    Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:55 pm

Thanks mate, I need 70 soon for my goal, will use this guide Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Farming Guide    

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Farming Guide
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