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 CoD MW3 player banned

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Lewin S141

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PostSubject: CoD MW3 player banned   Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:57 am

There are more than a few people out there on Xbox Live who believe
the anonymity provided by the service allows them to act like complete
jerks. Sure, developers might ban players for a few days or weeks for
acting in an unsportsmanlike way, or being offensive to others online,
but these offenders never truly feel the consequences of their actions.
That’s what makes this latest banning so intriguing. Infinity Ward said
they’d be much tougher and stricter with bans for Modern Warfare 3, and judging by this latest smiting of the ban hammer, we’d have to agree.

According to, one player (who shall remain nameless) was hit with a 5000-day ban from MW3
online. Just so we’re clear about how long that is, you could finish
your elementary and high school, and your first few semesters of college
all over again, before this person would be allowed to play Call of Duty
online. Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist for Infinity Ward, said it
was the equivalent of a permaban. No kidding. We’ll be well into the
next generation of consoles, and possibly another generation on top of
that, before this person has a chance to earn another Killstreak.

The move certainly shows that Infinity Ward means business when it
comes to cheating or cursing out other players. The only question we
have is... can we borrow that ban hammer for a few hours?

SOURCE: Player Banned for 5000 Days from Modern Warfare 3 []

Kind of gives people an incentive to not be an ass online, if this is their new form of punishment.

Mod Peta
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Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: CoD MW3 player banned   Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:19 am



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CoD MW3 player banned
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