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 An interview with Jiblix

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PostSubject: An interview with Jiblix   Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:59 am

Click This for the interview

Interesting Point

Part II: On Moderating 

Q: Some say great power comes with great responsibilities; how applicable do you feel that is to RS moderation?

A: Not very applicable, Uncle Ben. Wink

Q: In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of Jagex's current moderator system?

A: Pros:
- Interacting with the community and trying to make it a better environment for everyone. Even though PMods have a limited positive influence on the game.
- Making new friends and being a part of a team with some really awesome players who care a lot for the players.
- Slightly improved communication with Jagex's Community Management team.

- Both mod teams [forum and player mods] don't have adequate support.
- Indirect association and assumed agreement with Jagex's stance on issues perceived as disappointing to the player base with almost no say on those decisions before or after they are stated.
- Treated as employees and largely expected to post in-line with what they say as a company.
- Lots of arguing and tension between other FMods and Mentors.
- FMods take a lot of the heat for Jagex.
- There is a huge split amongst the FMod team. I guess the easiest way to describe it is a smaller team within the 'team.'

Q: If you were in-charge of overhauling the moderator system, exactly what changes, if any, would you make to it?

A: I would remove them both and I'm not just saying that because I got de-modded. Player Mods no longer have the ability to protect the community to the same extent as they once were able to. Ad-bots, for example, are unstoppable in the sense that if a single PMod were to clear up the G.E, it would only be a matter of minutes before more came and took the muted ad-bots' place. This has a lot to do with Jagex actually removing the tutorial. It's now easier than ever for cheaters and botters to get right back into the game. There is also a limit on how many mutes a PMod can issue within a certain amount of time. So in essence, there is little sense in having the current system in place if it has no power to act on behalf of the community.

FMods should not be looked at in the same light as JMods. This expectation that they must behave in a similar manner because of the colour of their post is ridiculous. They are players first and foremost and above all volunteers, not Jagex employees. If Jagex feels their players look at FMod posts different from a normal user, they should make it clear that they shouldn't be viewed any differently.

I always thought there was more to being a mod than modding. I saw the role more as trying to improve and help move the community forward rather than sitting around in Forum Help, dealing with reports. The new head of CM expects more FMods to do more modding because apparently not many mods are actually modding and to them, it defeats the object of being a mod (was mentioned at a 'surgery').

For the past few months I had barely used my mod tools at all, yet I was actively posting on the forums. I felt used in a way (which is why I stopped). There were times (a long time ago) when struggling JMods with huge workloads would come into game or post in the hidden forums, asking for help with Forum Help because they were working alone. I was approached on several occasions in-game and literally pulled out of the game to go help them with that thread because it was part of their job (back then - now it's more of an FMod initiative). This happened quite a lot to be honest and I felt bad because I didn't like seeing friends struggle with their work. I spent hours upon hours managing that thread and not once did I ever complain. That's when it really started to feel more like a job rather than a volunteer role.

It shouldn't feel like a job when you're a volunteer. Some mods enjoy spending time in Forum Help and some don't. I really didn't like it after that - so I never went into that thread again or did much modding.

I enjoyed spending my time constructing threads. Some were written with the help of other mods. With respect to the forum rules, a lot of mods are capable of writing very constructive threads. The reason why you don't see it too often is because some of them are afraid of the repercussions of posting anything perceived as negative toward Jagex.

Q: Would you return to being a Player & Forum Moderator if Jagex were to ask you back?

A: I think what players have to understand is that moderating in itself has changed, not the people who moderate. The changes in their style of management are no longer the same. The small community management team can't work with a vast amount of moderators to manage. In short, no. I wouldn't because its not the same environment. That isn't to say that others wouldn't enjoy the challenge but they would know little of the old system and the amount of communication.

Q: How was your overall experience of being a Player/Forum Moderator? Did you feel like it was a good use of your time?

A: The experience was alright. It wasn't all bad. I was at one point given a big ticket (one of two mods) for being one of their most dedicated FMods/PMods back in 2010. The trip was great fun and I met some really awesome people while overseas. I probably wont ever have the opportunity to be in a Jagex boardroom with Andrew Gower and Mark Gerhard again. Shame no one really had any questions to ask when we went to visit, except for that one fansite guy with pages filled with questions Wink! I'm sure this year there will be more to talk about…

Initially yes, because the procedures we were implementing directly improved the game for many players. Once those rules became diluted, players became somewhat confused by our responsibilities. Then, with the mass moderating and self nominations (are you community focused), many players felt it was more of a trophy rather than a position of trust.


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An interview with Jiblix
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