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 For kiran.

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PostSubject: For kiran.   Sun Sep 11, 2011 7:06 am

(¯°•._) | *|l|• ~ Mythic Dawn™~•|l|• | (¯°•._)
(¯°•._) | Enjoying RS Together•|l|• | (¯°•._)

Community/Fun Based Clan
Citadel in Use Tier 3
Welcome to Mythic Dawn Clan! (T5)

Mythic Dawn is aimed at all types of players within Runescape. We have events for Skillers, Killers and everyone in between. As a clan, We like to promote all activities to our members so there's a wide selection of events that are available.

We're based on having fun with friends. We are an all round clan hosting events from stealing creations to god wars. Our main desire is to Have fun!
Our events are decided upon as a clan, So anyone can create and host events.
Along with In-Clan Events, we also attend Community events hosted by Jagex and other users of the Events Forum.

Mythic Dawn has been operating as a public clans since early 2009. Before then we were based out of one of the current leaders clan chats and mainly acted as a small group of friends that enjoyed scaping together.

All leaders are experienced Runescape players as well as Clan Leaders.

Events will be announced on the Forums aswell as In-Game (via the Clan Chat). Aswell as this, On the day of the event. Our Clan Vex will also List Events, Aswell as the Information button in the Clan window.

The clan was Founded by Myself, Darth Lewin and Tyrant alex and we're all here today going strong.

..:: Homeworld - 71::..
..:: ClanChat - Mythic Dawn ::..
..:: FriendsChat - The Md Cc::..

All Content in this thread is owned by Mythic Dawn*©

Clan Citadel roles coming soon!

(¯°•._) | *|l|• ~ Information*|l|• | (¯°•._)

There is no Combat or Level Requirements to join Mythic Dawn.

Clan Page - Runescape > Community > Clan

(¯°•._) | *|l|• ~ Mythic Dawn™~•|l|• | (¯°•._)
(¯°•._) | Enjoying RS Together•|l|• | (¯°•._)

We have a team of dedicated members that organise events for the benefit of the Clans enjoyment. Usually Events are around three times per week. Events are approved by the Clan Leaders, so we can easily keep track of upcoming events and add them to the notice board.

We have Activity Advisers that are here to answer peoples questions they may have on the best ways to organise events, how to spice them up, etc. etc.

Many events that are hosted are:

:- Godwars
:- Clan Wars
:- Castle Wars
:- Fishing Trawler
:- Stealing Creations
:- KBD, Giant Mole, Kalphite Queen, Corporeal Beast(for the higher levelled players) and many more boss monsters.
:- Barrows
:- Mobilising Armies
:- Barbarian Assault
:- Group Skilling

And many, many more.

Remember that events are NOT mandatory, but they do help to to further improve your rank within the clan chat.

The activities Advisers are:

- FatMorshu - Clan Wars

- PenanceHeal - Barbarian Assault

- Umbricon – Barrows

There are Currently more advisor roles open to applicants.

Mythic Dawn is a Registered Clan
Clan Database - Page 22 QFC:90-91-878-59386028

(¯°•._) | *|l|• ~Rules~•|l|• | (¯°•._)

#1: Follow all Jagex and Clan Rules. This includes using a macro of any form, RWTing, Scamming, Spamming, etc.

#2: Please do not ask for ranks. These are earned via the points system.

#3: Please keep swearing to a minimum. If you can't do that, don't swear at all.

#4: No Se><ually Explicit chat, religious discussion, political discussion, discrimination or se><ism. This will NOT be tolerated.

#5: Please notify us of any name changes, as it helps us to keep track of points.

#6: Respect all other clan members, no matter what their status, rank, age, race, gender, religious background, political background may be.

#7: Real Life comes BEFORE RuneScape.

#8: We don't mind a bit of fun banter, but theres a difference between having fun and being completley immature.

Warning System.

If you break any of our rules, you'll be given a warning. If you get 3 warnings in any given day, you will be temporarily removed from the clan and invited back at a later point, after you've had a chance to cool off.

If you're kicked from the clan a further 3 times, you'll receive a permanent ban from the clan. You have been warned.

Breaking the above rules may put your Membership Status within the clan At risk!

..::Events Legend::..
BRW - Barrows
GWD- Godwars
ClW - Clan Wars
CW - Castle Wars
PvP - Pking
FP - Fight Pits
MH - Monster hunting
PC - Pest control
FoG - Fist of Guthix
Dng - Dungeoneering

..:: Application ::..

Cb lvl:
Time Zone:
Fav skill:
Fav minigame:
Will you follow ALL rules?:
Will you join the cc when possible?:
Will you bump the thread when possible?:
Will You contribute to the Citadel?(Regular 20 min events):
Were you recruited by anyone(add name)?:
Do you use the Runescape Toolbar?:

..:: Ally Application ::..

Clan Name:
Clan Leaders:
Clan Type:
Forum QFC:

..::Clan Allies::..

The Flying Kacklers : 90-91-803-62585404

(¯°•._) | *|l|• ~Recruitment Team~•|l|• | (¯°•._)

- FatMorshu [ Recruiting Leader ]
- 10 Pm

(¯°•._) | *|l|• ~Dungeoneering Team~•|l|• | (¯°•._)
This is a group of experienced dungeoneerers dedicated to helping the inexperienced.

Kov Kitty

These players will be open to any questions dungeoneering related and will do their best to make sure that your question is answered and your experience is at the peak of your level.

(¯°•._) | *|l|• ~Honours Board~•|l|• | (¯°•._)
For past and present members to be remembered.

-FatMorshu - (Dec 09 - Present)
:- Has kept the Forum alive, Aswell as being extremely helpful towards the clan in-Game.

-Darth Lewin(Nov 09 - Present)
:- Helped make the clan what it is today.

-Tyrant Alex(Nov 09 - Present)
:- Well respected Co founder.

-Paramedic(Nov 09 - present)
:- Current Owner and very well trusted person. (81/99 Dung)

-Umbricon(Dec 09 - Present)
:- Long serving member that is obsessed with finding that ever elusive Raven.

-Ix Aidan xI (Jan 2010 - Present)
:- Very well trusted member that is aiming to get 99 Dungeoneering. Good luck Aid.(85/99 Dung)

-Der Eisfuchs ** - Present
:- A great person to be around, Really knows his stuff and a well respected member of the clan.

-Always Away ** - Present
Amazing person and a great laugh and addition to the clan.

A Lovely person to know and a well valued member of Mythic Dawn

- pinkmaidenx Beggining of the clan - Present
One of the original members, Lovely person great fun

- Doc Angelina ** - Present
This AMAZING Person is fun to be around, You can always have a laugh with her, Get advice from here and trust her with your life.

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PostSubject: Re: For kiran.   Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:42 pm

Thanks bull, Will work on getting it implemented on rs rec thread.


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For kiran.
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