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PostSubject: Recruitment   Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:03 pm

.:: Announcement ::..

After alot of talking with the clan, aswell as leaders, We have come to an agreement on changes and updating some of our current systems regarding ranking, Events and recruitment.

Recruitment (Trial):

To boost our Recruitment, We are re introducing the Invitations system in the "Recruitment – Looking for a clan" Forum.

Using the Application on Page 2 of this thread, you can copy and paste it into another persons thread within that Looking for a clan section, Only those that are looking for a clan like ours.

The rules on this, Is that, When you post an invitation, You post the QFC of the thread with the invitation on, on our Clan Forum (Runescape > Community > Clan > forum > Recruitment)

The invitation must be on a thread no older than a day (In other words, Must be active)

The Reward for posting and getting your invitation approved will be 1 point towards your rank. If this person goes on to join the clan, you will receive a total of 5 points.

this may seem like a small amount of points, But for something that takes you 5 mins, will earn you ranks.

Ranking System (Trial)

We're keeping the Point system, but with a few changes, Over the next few hours, We will be posting the new points requirements for ranks, Aswell as rewards for attending events.

On top of the points system, As most our events aren't to everyone's taste, Members may receive points/Promotions for activity within the Clan, Supporting the clan and playing a helpful role within the clan. To keep this fair, It will be required that all points given out of events, Will be reviewed by the Clan Management Team.

Clan Citadel (Trial)

Seeing as the citadel hasn't been kept up to date, and the system in place for it isn't the best, We've decided to trial a mini Events sort of activity.

Throughout the week, we will be hosting a Mini event, to gather resources. These events will take place on days without planned events. They will require you to attend for a minimum of 20 mins, If you wish to stay longer and max out your Cap, You will be allowed to skip any citadel resource event throughout that week.

we're planning to introduce a reward for maxing your cap in the Citadel, But this will rest on allot of trust.


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PostSubject: Re: Recruitment   Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:17 pm



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