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 About Me: StaticAge (Skumfuk)

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PostSubject: About Me: StaticAge (Skumfuk)   Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:51 pm

Right well, I have actually been a member for Mythic Dawn for just over a year now, so it's kind of late but, what the hey Razz

I am Jasper, my alter-ego is StaticAge or Skumfuk41. >.>

I've been playing Runescape for approximately 6 years with breaks. My current goals on Runescape are 99 Strength, 99 Attack, 99 Magic, 99 HP (That'll side with Str and Atk) and possibly even 99 Woodcutting.

I was never in a clan before this one where I was introduced by my friend DreamL0rd, currently known as Pride Dies.

I'm hoping that in the future I will achieve my goal of graduating Medical school and follow up becoming a surgeon.

I am a huge music fan, I like pretty much all music except modern RnB and Hip Hop. Favourite bands being Sum 41, Green Day, Blink 182, Muse etc. etc.

I play Guitar and Bass, I am currently in a band (Y'know one of those cheesey ones you form at school) and we've played a few gigs but that's about it. (I have a few guitar videos on Youtube if you are interested but I don't expect you to be).

That's basically me, see you all in the clan chat Smile

...¸•,*¸°¸¨¸„‹¹..¹›„¸¸¸¨°*•¸.....Í çàñ´† šêë à †hìñg ïñ †hê vîdëò'.....¸•*°¨¸¸¸„‹¹..¹›„¸¨¸°¸*,•¸...
...¹›„¸¸¸„‹•*°*•¸...........¸¹.....'Ì ¢åñ´† héàr šòµñd öñ †hë râdìö.....¹¸...........¸•*°*•›„¸¸¸„‹¹...
................¸¸„‹¹...........¹›„¸¸,Îñ †hê š†êrëò ìñ †hë Š†å†ì¢ Ágê,¸¸„‹¹...........¹›„¸¸................
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About Me: StaticAge (Skumfuk)
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